An itinerary for the year ahead

Sailboat 7   Jan 3, 2018

A blog of exploration of what we see touch and feel and how we reason about it. Many charts are well known laid out with familiar symbols of equations. Other less agreed upon though maps have been drawn by philosophers for centuries. Perhaps a bit like a journey through flatland or the phantom tollbooth, many metaphors to navigate.

An itinerary of topics:

Math -  Both numbers and equations that capture the world around us, this is where infinity lies both smaller than we can see and more extensive than the universe. A discrete language of quantization where abstractions abound.

Physics - That which travels through time in its purest form. From mechanical machines to winds of light that bend the understanding of time.

Biological systems - How organisms and the minds they hold work. Not just one but systems of them as well. These are systems where the dominant time domain is controlled by kinetic actions of chemical diffusion or compression waves (e.g., the speed of sound). This is where language, both spoken and written live. Where the pronouns you, me and we reside.

Digital electronics. Just over a century old in our eyes, It makes sense to look at how many of the systems that make up macro biological systems express themselves where the speed of light is the dominant time domain. Hal and Alexa live here.

Origins of Intent - Much we see relates to intent. Intent to move pure energy or an idea from place to place or through time. Like bits of color that reflect color. Is it meant to be what we call paint? And is the paint living in a picture? Who is the painter that holds the brush, Perhaps the brush to paint the passions of their love? This brings us back to where infinity lives. How intent makes its impression on each area above. Theology lives here.

Each is a deep sea in its own, of particular interest, is how each plays with each other, what colors are created when they are mixed. 

Time to set sail.


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